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Uncoinventional Living Tour 2014, Bitcoin Road Trip, Live Blog



Saturday, 06/21, 2:02

If you are interested in supporting our journey, here are a few ways you can contribute:

LTC: Ld35jZQhkJrpRPKtnfRw1r37KuazzgAiQS
Doge: DLpxS6j6DA38kZzkGAUNtR6tCtCHckaW7k
PayPal: donttreadoncat@gmail.com

All donations will go toward travel over the next three weeks.

Thank you to those who have contributed already!

Saturday, 06/21, 1:55

Uncoinventional Living Tour Friday June 20 Day Five, Golden Cinema Series

We took the kids to the Golden Cinema Series screening of Legally Blonde 2 in Farragut Square tonight. We had a nice walk through D.C. as the sun set and are now enjoying ourselves on the lawn in the park.


Tomorrow we screen Sovereign Living (sovereignliving.tv) and I speak on the media panel at Bitcoin in the Beltway. We are very excited!

Saturday, 06/21, 1:44

Uncoinventional Living Tour Friday June 20 Day Five, Bitcoin in the Beltway Starts

We stopped into the opening party for the conference to check out the scene, say hi to some friends and find out where our vendor booth will be.

Here is a picture of the social:


Here is a picture of John taking a selfie with speaker Jeffrey Tucker:


Here is a picture of me with speaker Davi Barker:


Friday, 06/20, 10:42

Uncoinventional Living Tour Friday June 20 Day Five, Lunch on BTC

We just enjoyed a fun meal at a D.C. Bitcoin establishment called Thomas Foolery.  This was our first stop on our trip that accepted Bitcoin directly instead of using a third party like gyft.com or egifter.com.


We found the restaurant on coinmap.org and it just so happened to be in walking distance.


The restaurant has all sorts of toys I remember from the 90s. Pogs, rubix cubes, legos (the old kind that don’t all go to a specific set), hula hoops, monkeys in a barrel, and little magnetic fuzzy face games.


The kids had a blast and we did, too! There was a box of yBitcoin Magazines, and a QR code taped to the wall with a sign that says they accept Bitcoin.



Friday, 06/20, 10:31

Uncoinventional Living Tour Friday June 20 Day Five,  BTC Pit Stop

After playing in the fountain (I was the only one to do so, Bill was asleep and Aliana has a booboo on her finger she was afraid to get wet), we walked a few blocks to a CVS to get some bottled water.

We bought a CVS giftcard with BTC on gyft.com while standing in line.

What a blessing Gyft has been for us on this trip!



Friday, 06/20, 6:26

We are out sightseeing in D.C. before the conference starts. Georgetown Waterfront Park is awesome!


Friday, 06/20, 4:21

Uncoinventional Living Tour Friday June 20 Day Five,  BTC Obstacles

I failed to mention a few unexpected details. We have to pay a night for parking and the hotel does not accept BTC. Our room is covered by the event, so that is covered, I simply failed to consider the parking issue.  We found a middleman who will be paying our hotel tab in cash after we pay them in BTC. This is how we ate breakfast this morning, by adding to our hotel tab with the expectation of paying our friend out on Sunday when we check out.

We are staying in NYC this Sunday at a Holiday Inn that has started a BTC pilot program. Charlie Shrem set this program up and may be riding back to NYC with us if we can finagle the space in our car! We need to figure out the toll road issue……

Friday, 06/20, 4:12

Uncoinventional Living Tour Friday June 20 Day Five, Belly of the Beast

We arrived at our hotel around 11pm last night. Washington, D.C. sure is interesting. When we pulled up a man in a wheelchair was arguing with the valet attendant who was asking him to leave. Both parties shouted obscenities.

The valet attendant was hopped up on adrenaline and came to our van (driver seat was vacant because John was checking us in), tried to open the door, started shouting we needed to move while banging on the car. He woke up baby Bill and I asked him to stop touching our car. His manager apologized profusely. It was a strange welcoming party.

We checked in and hauled all of our belongings and vendor items up to the room. I still need to enter our vendor inventory into shopify, we do everything at the last minute it seems.

This morning we enjoyed the hotel buffet. I forgot to bring the tablet for pics, so you will just have to believe me on how awesome it was!

Tomorrow is our screening of Sovereign Living episode four (bitcoin episode!) and the media panel I will be a part of. Bitcoinbeltway.com is the website for more details!


Today we are doing some family sightseeing then the thebitmom.com meet-up of crypto kids at a local park for a screening of Legally Blonde 2. Should be fun!

Here is a link with the details!



John is uploading our most recent podcasts to his SovereignBTC.com podcast, stay tuned for those!

Friday, 06/20, 1:54

Uncoinventional Living Tour Thursday June 19 Day Four,  Cracker Barrel on BTC

Tonight for dinner we tried a different giftcard website, egifter.com (we have been using gyft.com so far). This website, like Expedia, uses CoinBase.com to process BTC transactions (gyft.com uses BitPay). Last night we had trouble with the amount of time it took for our Expedia payment to process and days before we left on this trip we had an egifter.com transaction for Lowes take nearly 24 hours to confirm!

We really love eating at Cracker Barrel as a family, so we decided to give egifter.com another chance. This time the confirmation was instant. Cracker Barrel apparently has a new policy of only accepting giftcards that have been printed out, but John sweet talked them into accepting our egifter.com Cracker Barrel card directly off of our tablet.


Another BTC meal success! John even got me a beautiful new scarf from the gift shop!

We have an hour left before we arrive at Bitcoin in the Beltway!

Thursday, 06/19, 10:41

Uncoinventional Living Tour Thursday June 19 Day Four,  Gas Stop Number Seven

We are cruising through Virgina at a nice pace now that we have passed the construction. GPS says just over three hours.  With a dinner stop we are on target for a 10:30 arrival, much earlier than the past several nights!

We just took a pit stop in a small mountian town to get gasoline. Another successful BTC gasoline transaction!  Thanks coinfueled.com!


The view is amazing! I have really enjoyed this portion of the drive!


Thursday, 06/19, 9:36

Uncoinventional Living Tour Thursday June 19, Mousey Friend

We picked up a friend along the way! This stray mouse was found at a rest stop in Virginia. He is obviously someone’s pet as he crawled right into our hands. He is currently in a box in our car eating some goat cheese. He is gray and white and very friendly!


Thursday, 06/19, 7:20

Uncoinventional Living Tour Thursday June 19 Day Four, Stuck in Construction Traffic

The GPS says nearly 6 hours left and here we sit on the road. Welcome to the East Coast!

Anyone want to take bets on how late we get in tonight?


Thursday, 06/19, 7:00

Uncoinventional Living Tour Thursday June 19 Day Four, Picnicking on Bitcoin

We just had a picnic lunch on BTC! These items (and the cooler ) were purchased with a Whole Foods gift card this morning. We bought the gift card through Gyft.com with BTC at the reigister after we knew our total. We talked to the cashier about what we were doing and she was super excited and interested.  I was again left wishing we had some sort of educational business card for our tour…..



The rest stop was just after the Virginia state line. Another state down!


Thursday, 06/19, 5:31

Uncoinventional Living Tour Thursday June 19, Reminiscing on Asheville

Last night we had a really great screening of episodes 3 and 4 of Sovereign Living (www.sovereignliving.tv) at Justin Stout and Shayla Rose’s home.

The attendees were super friendly and very like minded. I felt very at “home” with this crowd. Not only were they advocates of homebirth, peaceful parenting and organic food, but many were hardcore Bitcoin enthusiasts!

We received a few donations for our trip, but most importantly were able to enjoy some fabulous company.

I really loved Asheville. I have been told repeatedly for years that Asheville is a place I would enjoy. I wish we were able to spend some more time there!

If you are interested, they have a decentralized effort to attract like minded folks to the area called the Blue Ridge Liberty Project. Many of the people in attendance had moved from other areas.


Thursday, 06/19, 5:22


This picture was taken yesterday at a rest stop an hour outside of Asheville. Can you see the bags under my eyes? Thankfully I got to nap an hour or so in the car just before we stopped here!

Thursday, 06/19, 5:06

Uncoinventional Living Tour Thursday June 19, Potty Break

Aliana has been asking for ice cream at every gas station stop so far, so I decided to indulge her. Our BP gas card worked great for the .07 purchase, and Aliana even swiped the card herself!


Thursday, 06/19, 4:52

Uncoinventional Living Tour Thursday June 19, Travel on BTC

Yesterday I snagged a pic of the “Welcome to North Carolina” sign.


We have now managed to drive from Texas through Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, and into North Carolina. We have paid BTC for three hotel rooms, six fuel stops, and three meals a day plus snacks.

It is happening!

Thursday, 06/19, 4:46

This is posting a day late due to internet service issues on the road!

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 18, Day Three,  Gas Stop Number Five

Pay at the pump worked great with our BP coinfueled.com gift card purchased with BTC. John is inside getting a gift for our hosts tonight with the card as well.


We just received our coinfueled.com BitPay invoice for an extra Exxon card. We will pay it when we get to Asheville.

I missed the “Welcome to South Carolina” sign, but we have officially checked another state off the list!

Thursday, 06/19, 4:41

Uncoinventional Living Tour Thursday June 19 Day Four, On The Road Again

We woke up after breakfast had ended at our hotel. Aliana was pretty upset as she had been looking forward to “apple juice and muffins”. I called the feedback line listed on our invoice that was slipped under the door and thanked them for accomodating us so late last night and let them know that 9am is a tad early to end breakfast for travellers who change timezones. Not three minutes after getting off the phone did I hear a knock on the door. They delivered us two bananas, four muffins and two glasses of apple juice. It was really thoughtful and much appreciated.

Spring Hill Suites Marriot was the hotel, I highly suggest it if you are ever in Asheville!

After loading up the car we returned to the Asheville Whole Foods Market to eat from the hot breakfast bar. It was delicious! We used the rest of our Gyft.com Whole Foods gift card, then returned to shop for lunch items with a new card.


Then we got Exxon Gasoline with our coinfueled.com gas card. This was our sixth gasoline purchase with BTC. Success!


Now we are cruising through NC and headed to Bitcoin in the Beltway!



I am going to try to update yesterday’s pending live blogs that wouldn’t post due to internet connectivity, so things will be a tad out of order!

Thursday, 06/19, 4:54

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 18, Day Three, Expedia Redeems

We have spent nearly an hour getting our hotel situation figured out. Expedia found us a room in a nearby hotel (0 more a night than the overbooked one), is refunding us worth of BTC and is giving us a 0 credit for future travel.

I was convinced we had screwed up trying Expedia tonight instead of going with what we know works (Gyft.com gift cards for globalhotelcard.com), but this is redeeming. We decided we are going to sleep in and arrive late to D.C. tomorrow. We have a major sleep deficit and really need rest.

Thank goodness both kids are asleep in their car seats. May all our heads find pillows soon tonight! (It is 1AM now!)

Thursday, 06/19, 4:21

Well, I could not live blog from our drive through the mountains due to internet connectivity issues. I will have to post them tomorrow.

We just left the screening in Asheville and tried to book a room through Expedia.com with BTC.

Two issues:

1. It took over ten minutes to confirm the payment and reservation with Expedia’s Coinbase set up, while the previous two nights Gyft.com got us instant gift cards and the hotels confirmed immediately with our globalhotelcard.com gift card.

2. They booked us a room that was not available and we have spent 30 minutes in the car with sleeping babies and no hotel. After declining our screening hosts’ offer to sleep at their house, of course.  They are getting us a new room, but it has taken forever and I really want some rest.


Wednesday, 06/18, 4:28

Well, we just had lunch at the BitPay office. Thank you, BitPay team! They are going to do some social media about our trip, so watch their twitter feed for that!

I have to say, both John and I feel very inspired after visiting their new office. Everyone was very welcoming and seemed to love working there. It gives me hope to see such a thriving Bitcoin business. I feel like we got a small glimpse into the future today!

John interviewed Elizabeth Ploshay for his SovereignBTC.com podcast. It was really neat meeting her, because she recently took a job with BitPay after working for Bitcoin Magazine!

Here are a few more pictures from our visit:


We are now en route to Asheville, NC to stay with Justin Stout and Shayla Rose of the Blue Ridge Liberty Project!

Wednesday, 06/18, 3:29

We are at the BitPay headquarters! Details soon!



Wednesday, 06/18, 4:58

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 17, Day Two, Setting Up Tomorrow’s Agenda

We are in our hotel and settling in.

We just confirmed a 15 minute meeting with BitPay tomorrow!


We are also arranging lunch or an interview with radio host Jack Blood.

Then we drive three hours to our screening of Sovereign Living (sovereignliving.tv) in Asheville,  NC.

RSVP here: https://m.facebook.com/events/501767733283104

No rest for the weary!

Wednesday, 06/18, 3:40

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 17, Day Two, Our Second Hotel Purchased with BTC

We entered Georgia at somepoint after dinner. It is dark so I missed witnessing the state line. Aliana woke up and ate her Applebees in the car while watching the Sound of Music on our car DVD player. Amazingly she is still awake at 11:30 pm.

We found a hotel near the BitPay head quarters and should arrive sometime after midnight. I am confused about what timezone we are in and hope it isn’t actually an hour later than I think it is!


We faced a similar issue paying for this hotel as we did paying for Applebees – our bill didn’t line up exactly with the giftcard amounts available on gyft.com. Last night our 0 globalhotelcard.com giftcard covered our .30 room perfectly. Tonight I used the remaining $.70 from that card, then purchased a 0 and giftcard from gyft.com with BTC. We will have extra in globalhotelcard.com value to apply toward future stays.

I have not heard back from BitPay to confirm our visit, so I am going to email them again after posting this. They know we are passing through, but we didn’t get anything set in stone. It would be a real treat to visit such a thriving and established BTC business, especially one John and I use on a regular basis!

Wednesday, 06/18, 1:44

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 17, Day Two, Applebee’s With BTC

We managed to survive dinner and fill our waiter in on our Bitcoin journey. I am not sure why we haven’t “talked shop” with anyone on the road about our journey so far. We talk BTC everywhere we go at home, I guess I was just getting my fix via the live blog.  We need some sort of business card we can hand people…. I will have to figure that out as soon as possible.

Other than our exhaustion and crazy baby, Applebee’s was a great dining experience. One minor hang up with using gyft.com for our meals is that you can’t buy a gift card for the exact amount. Tonight we bought a gift card for a meal. I could not buy the card and leave him a tip, so we opted for the next highest option. It will work out in the end because we will surely have the opportunity to eat there again.


Over two more hours to go until we arrive in Atlanta. I hope the kiddos sleep soundly the rest of the drive!

Time to figure out our hotel stay for the night!

Wednesday, 06/18, 12:53

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 17, Day Two, Dinner Insanity

We decided to carry in the sleeping beauty and order her food to go from Applebee’s. She is sleeping in my lap and Bill is going slap happy crazy across the table in John’s lap. And I mean seriously nuts.

John had to take him outside because he is shrieking and finding it hilarious.

The reality of spending only bitcoin on the road is delayed gratification and fussy kids. I did a massive amount of pre planning, but we have not made it to our planned dinner destination once on this trip.

As I sit here eating our appetizer alone I am realizing that in order to survive the next three plus weeks of this trip we are going to need to take these sort of things into consideration and have back up plans at each stop.

We still have two and a half hours to drive tonight, I hope we don’t lose our minds!


Wednesday, 06/18, 12:18

Uncoinventional Living Tour,  June 17 Day Two, Dinner Mishaps

Well, our Bitcoin dinner in Montgomery has started disastrously.  We showed up hungry with a car full of grumpy kids/parents to a TGI Fridays that has apparently closed. We then spent twenty minutes trying to find a restaurant on gyft.com that is still on our route. We found an Applebee’s, pulled into the lot and our daughter falls asleep. It is moments like these when I would rather have the convenience of eating somewhere with a dollar bill…. I will let you all know how it goes when we figure out what to do.

Tuesday, 06/17, 11:43

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 17, Day Two, Gas Stop Number Five

Well, its raining, hopefully that won’t slow us down too much. We are approaching Montegomery,  AL where we intend to eat dinner. We just used our first BP gas card from coinfueled.com. It worked perfectly at the pump.


Tuesday, 06/17, 8:41

We just crossed into Alabama.


Texas, check.

Louisana, check.

Mississippi, check.

Today we cruise through Alabama and stop in Atlanta, Georgia for a night of rest. One more state to go today, then a short drive into Asheville,  NC tomorrow.

In Asheville we have a screening of two episodes of Sovereign Living (episode 3 which covers midwives and home births and episode 4 which covers our actual homebirth of baby William and alternative currencies).

Then we have one more epic day of travel to reach the Bitcoin in the Beltway Conference in D.C.

I am so very ready for three nights in the same place. Washington D.C., I never thought I would be so happy to see you!

Tuesday, 06/17, 7:08

Another state down! Welcome to Mississippi!


Tuesday, 06/17, 7:04

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 17, Day Two,  Gasoline Stop Number Four and Lunch on BTC

Another late start, typical of our family, so we had to stop for lunch about an hour into the drive. The Exxon we stopped at had some Louisiana PoBoy local grub, so we decided to try it. Trust me, gas station food is never my first choice, so this stuff had to look decent!

We filled up the tank for the fourth time on this trip with ourcoinfueled.com gas cards bought with BTC. Then I went in and asked if we could buy from the food counter with our Exxon gift card. They explained how and we ordered!





Now that we have bought some non-gas items with our counfueled.com gift cards, I am going to place another order with coinfueled.com to have delivered to Porcfest, just in case!

Here is the view we are currently enjoying as we cruise through Louisiana!


Tuesday, 06/17, 5:13

More coverage by the Coin Telegraph!


Tuesday, 06/17, 5:05

Here is an awesome article by Derrick Broze for Ben Swann’s website about our bitcoin only journey! Thanks for the coverage, guys!


Tuesday, 06/17, 4:55

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 17, Day Two,  Our Third Gas Purchase

This morning we made our third gasoline purchase with a giftcard purchased with BTC through coinfueled.com.

The only minor hangup was that the gift card did not work at the pump as it did the past two times. John had to go in to the gas station, give them the card, pump the gas, then go back in to have them process the payment. I assume this was an issue with their pump, not the card!

Another successful BTC gasoline transaction!


Tuesday, 06/17, 4:45

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 17, Day Two, Hotel Stay

This morning we woke up in our hotel room purchased with BTC just in time to make the end of breakfast.  0 worth of BTC housed and fed our family of four, what a steal!

We found the hotel room on globalhotelcard.com, purchased a gift card on gyft.com, then reserved the room through globalhotelcard.com. It was so inexpensive because the hotel was undergoing renovations, but we didn’t notice from within our room!

Here is a screenshot of our hotel purchase last night.


Here we are loading up this morning!



Tonight we arrive in Atlanta, GA after another eight hours of driving. We are talking to BitPay about a visit to their office tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, 06/17, 4:28

Last night we recorded our first audio update from the road! Check it out via John’s podcast feed at www.sovereignbtc.com.

Here is a clickable audio embed of the episode!

Tuesday, 06/17, 3:01

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 16 Day One,  End of Day Wrap up

Our first day on the road is almost over and it has gone without a hitch.

We bought a car charger at Target, gasoline twice from Exxon, food from Whole Foods, dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse, and a hotel room from GlobalHotelCard.com.  All purchased with bitcoin!

Here is a screenshot of today’s Gyft.com purchases:


I tried to take a picture of our coinfueled.com gift card, but it is too dark in the car and it was blurry. Another time!

Check back here in the morning as we depart Baton Rouge!

Tuesday, 06/17, 2:41

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 16, Day One, Dinner

We just enjoyed a delightful meal at Logan’s Roadhouse. We bought the giftcard on Gyft.com with BTC after receiving our bill so we knew how much we needed. This was my first experience at a Logan’s. I honestly would not have tried it except it was listed on Gyft as an option. It was great! I love it how Bitcoin is introducing me to new places to eat!


We have two hours left on the journey for today. I am basically exhausted from multiple nights of not enough sleep. Thankfully John is driving, maybe I can nap!

We bought our hotel room by using gyft.com as well. It was a pain free experience, but we did have to give a credit card (obviously) for incidentals, despite our bill coming to 0 after the gift card was applied.

I chose the hotel based on high user ratings on Orbitz, multiple compliments in the reviews on the hot breakfast, and a low cost. Again, the gift card is for globalhotelcard.com which is powered by Orbitz.com, but not actually Orbitz.

I will post a screenshot of the order page after we have departed tomorrow!

Tuesday, 06/17, 12:24

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 16 Day One, Entering Louisiana

We finally made it out of Texas!


The kids are starting to get antsy. I am starting to get hungry.  We will have to figure out the next stop as soon as possible.

I was incorrect in a previous post, we are getting our hotel through globalhotelcard.com, which is powered by Orbitz.com. The gift card will be bought through gyft.com as I previously mentioned, but is only redeemable on globalhotelcard.com, not redeemable on Orbitz.com. Sorry for the misinformation!

Monday, 06/16, 11:29

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 16, 2014 Day One, Second Gas Stop

We just finalized our second gasoline stop with a gift card purchased on coinfueled.com! Success!


We aren’t even out of Texas and it’s dinner time. It is going to be a long night!

We had planned to eat dinner at a large Whole Foods in Baton Rouge, but we will obviously need to eat sooner. I am personally not a fan of the restaurant options on gyft.com and egifter.com takes nearly 24 hours to get you the gift card.

I will post an update when we decide what to do!

We found a hotel on orbitz.com, but have not paid for the room yet. I will try to take a screenshot when we do. We will be buying a gift card on gyft.com with BTC then paying for our hotel with the gift card!

Monday, 06/16, 10:03

If you will be in Asheville, NC this Wednesday, please attend this casual screening of Sovereign Living hosted by Justin Stout and Shayla Rose!


Monday, 06/16, 9:34

Uncoinventional Living Tour, June 16 Day One, Peaches

Peaches taste sweeter when bought with ethical money!

Here is Aliana showing off her mouth full of organic peach bought with BTC via Gyft.com.


Life is good!

Now that we have full bellies, we all want a nap! Too bad we still have half of Louisana to drive through! I am sure today won’t be our last late start.

Onward and forward!

Monday, 06/16, 9:00

Uncoinventional Living Tour June 16, 2014 Day One, Lunch on BTC

We finally made it to Whole Foods in Houston! Time for some grub, then off to run around and get the wiggles out at a local park!

Here is John paying with a Whole Foods gift card purchased with BTC from gyft.com!


Monday, 06/16, 8:28

Just a reminder, if you want to contribute to our journey, here are the various ways:

LTC: Ld35jZQhkJrpRPKtnfRw1r37KuazzgAiQS
Doge: DLpxS6j6DA38kZzkGAUNtR6tCtCHckaW7k
PayPal: donttreadoncat@gmail.com

Monday, 06/16, 5:26

Uncoinventional Living Tour 2014, June 16, 2014 Day One, Target Stop for Charger

We couldn’t find our car charger, which is important for live blogging, so we had to stop at Target on the way out of town. Two and a half hours after departure time, and we are finally ready to hit the road.

We got the Target gift card through Gyft.com with points we have earned with Bitcoin purchases!


Monday, 06/16, 4:46

Uncoinventional Living Tour 2014, Monday June 16, Day One, Our First Coinfueled Gas Pump Experience.

Success! We are currently filling our tank with gasoline purchased with Bitcoin! THANK YOU, Coinfueled!


Monday, 06/16, 4:30

Well, we are one and a half hours late hitting the road. I didn’t get the car fully loaded last night because my son woke up after my first load down. Then my daughter had troble staying asleep, probably from all the midnight activity in the house.

That would have only set us back an hour or so, but our new stroller did NOT want to fit in the back and I had to unload and reload the whole car!

Here we are taking off!


Sunday, 06/15, 5:36

Well, I have been up all night doing inventory for our vendor booths at Bitcoin in the Beltway and Porcfest. I am exhausted! I hope we are able to buy some more of our Come and Take Bit shirts as we are down to funky sizes…..

We will be selling shirts, miners, Sovereign Living DVDs and more!


My goal was to have the car loaded tonight so we could actually enjoy Father’s Day tomorrow, alas my toddler is still awake and my husband has yet to pack even one item!

Like always, we will be loading up way too late for my comfort.

One of our Amazon.com shipments didn’t make it by today so I have to get it forwarded onto DC. It’s a shame because it’s two carseat activity trays that I think will help make the long days in the car less stressful….

Sunday, 06/15, 4:58

Uncoinventional Living Tour 2014, Sunday June 15, Ten Hours Until Departure, Final Tasks!

We leave in ten hours. John finally picked out his clothes; now I have to unload the tubs from the car to add his things, load our vender booth items (lots of miners and tshirts), and take care of some last minute tasks. I just finished the press release and submitted for editing.

I have cleaned the entire house, emptied the perishables from the fridge and cupboard, removed all trash from all bins, relocated the fish to the office, relocated our plants to John’s parents’ house, relocated the cats to an unschool family home, and yet I still feel unsettled and not ready to leave!

I will run the last load of dishes before bed, wash the last load of laundry, and pray I forgot nothing!

Tomorrow we have frozen breakfast treats purchased from Target with Gyft.com cards bought with BTC, then we fill our tank with gas bought with BTC from coinfueled.com, and then we finally begin this long crazy journey.

I am going to start hauling the last 5 or 6 loads down the two flights of stairs and hope the kids stay asleep long enough for me to finish since John is still at the office!

See you here tomorrow, bright and early, for our farewell photo ;)

Sunday, 06/15, 1:23

Uncoinventional Living Tour 2014 Sunday June 15, One Day Until Departure, Dehydrating Eggs

In an effort to eat quality food on the road, we decided to dehydrate ten dozen eggs for the trip. I tested three dozen a few days ago and have the final ten going right now.

I am exhausted, but I think it is worth it!

Saturday, 06/14, 8:17

Uncoinventional Living Tour 2014: Saturday June 7, 2014, 9 Days Until Departure, Confirmation of Gas Cards

I checked in with Dante of Coinfuled.com today and he said he received our payment and will ship us the cards on Monday!

Saturday, 06/14, 8:16

Uncoinventional Living Tour 2014: Saturday June 7, 2014 9 Days Until Departure, Picking Tents

In 2011 we had a new tent delivered to the campground at Porcfest. We used it for camping until last year when the sting came out of the poles. We had to buy a tent on the fly and quite frankly, my husband can’t stand up in it. We decided to get a taller tent that he can fit inside a new vendor tent that is larger and will accommodate all the products we intend to sell.

John spent several hours on amazon.com trying to find something on Amazon Prime (Free delivery for members) that he could stand inside and that has good reviews for rain. I think we found the right tent, now we just have to sleep on it and then order it!

Saturday, 06/14, 8:11

Uncoinventional Living Tour 2014: Sunday June 8, 2014 8 Days Until Departure, Figuring Out the Farm

paul feeding aliana corn

Our good friend Paul lives on the farm and will be in China for two weeks while we travel to DC, NH and KC. We thought we had found live-in help collecting eggs and watering the plants, but it fell through. We discussed what needs to be done by a volunteer and who potential options are. I hope we get it figured out soon, I really hate unchecking items from my to-do list.  They will need to collect eggs, water the garden and feed the chickens!

Saturday, 06/14, 8:07

Uncoinventional Living Tour 2014: Monday June 9, 2014 7 days until Departure, Another Amazon Order Arrived!


Tonight my husband carried up three huge boxes of food, diapers and wipes. We purchased these items for the trip via amazon.com Subscribe and Save; we paid with amazon.com Gyft cards.

Tonight we also placed an order for a new stroller that will allow both of our children to fall asleep at events, two activity trays for our car seats that will allow the kids to have snacks, crafts, and toys within easy reach during the long driving days, a keyboard for the iPad so I can type on the road without my hands aching, and a mount for John’s cell phone in the car!

We were about ten minutes late placing the order so some of our things are arriving past our next planned trip to the PO box in Austin. This adds another day of errands this week, but that’s ok, the stroller will be worth it!

Saturday, 06/14, 8:03

Tuesday June 10, 2014 6 Days Until Departure, Packing and Packing

Today I have spent the entire day cleaning our apartment and packing for the trip. Because there are distinct legs of the trip that include distinct needs, I have been packing our belongings into event – specific containers.  There is a container of travel clothes and snacks to get us to DC, there is a container of hotel and travel clothes to use at the Bitcoin in the Beltway conference and during the short drive to Porcfest, then a Porcfest container with camping clothes (lots of layers for the mountain rain).

All of the food I am packing has been purchased with Gyft.com cards for Target, Whole Foods and Amazon. I bought two new pairs of yoga pants for the travel portions from Target with a Gyft card, and everything else we already have.  Even the giant Ziploc bags I am using to store each person’s outfits inside the containers were purchased with BTC by using a Gyft.com card!


We are anxiously awaiting our coinfueled.com gas cards to arrive. Armed with food, gas cards, and a tablet to buy orbitz.com Gyft cards, we should be able to make it all the way to DC using BTC only!

Saturday, 06/14, 7:58

June 11, 2014 5 Days Until Departure, Car Troubles

The check engine light has been bouncing on and off and our mechanic had us bring it in. Right now we are using a loaner car, way too small to travel the country in! Hopefully they figure out the situation and get it resolved before this weekend; I had planned to start packing on Friday.


Friday, 06/13, 8:28

Uncoinventional Living Tour 2014: June 13, 2014 3 Days Until Departure, Gas Cards Delivered, Last Minute Shopping

Today we did a final Target run to get some toys for the kids in the car and to get momma some new shirts for the trip.  I also needed parchment paper so I could dehydrate some eggs from our farm to bring on the trip and some frozen breakfast items for the morning of departure.


I emailed Dante from Coinfueled.com while we were driving to Target and he confirmed the cards have been delivered to our PO Box!  How exciting!

I have finished most of the packing for myself and the kids.  John on the other hand has packed nothing.  Not one thing.

Tomorrow we pick up our car, drop off the cats, and run some last minute errands.  John has been in hustle mode to get some of our miners properly set up before we hit the road for so long!
It has been a LONG packing and planning journey, but I am feeling good!

Thursday, 06/12, 8:43

Uncoinventional Living Tour: Thursday June 12, 2014 Stroller Assembly Success!

Here is a photo of the happy stroller riders:

photo 2

Thursday, 06/12, 8:42

Uncoinventional Living Tour: Thursday June 12, 2014 Stroller Assembly Success!

Not only did I get the stroller all together (by myself!), but the kids LOVE it.  Aliana spent the entire night in the stroller eating snacks and loving the set up!!!! I am very excited about taking this to Porcfest.

Thursday, 06/12, 4:44

Uncoinventional Living Tour: Thursday June 12, 2014, Putting Together the New Stroller

Last year at Porcfest I was able to “wear” my youngest while we pushed our oldest in a stroller.  This year my 30lb one year old really needs a place he can sleep while we cruise around the event.  We decided to get a double stroller that has two reclining seats.  I spent many hours reading reviews and price comparison shopping.   Well, the big day has arrived and our new stroller (purchased with BTC on Amazon.com with a Gyft.com gift card) is in pieces on our kitchen floor.

photo 1
I am sending the kids to the park with Daddy, let’s see how this goes!

Saturday, 06/07, 8:17

Thursday June 7, 2014, Payment for Gas Cards

Today I followed up with John about the invoice. He made payment. Gasoline paid for with BTC, CHECK!

Friday, 06/06, 8:22

Uncoinventional Living Tour 2014: Wednesday June 6, 2014, Invoice for Gas

Today we received the BitPay.com invoice for the gas cards. I forwarded it to my husband to make payment. The total came to 0, so we may need to order a few more before the end of the trip.

Tuesday, 06/03, 8:23

Tuesday June 3rd 13 Days Until Departure, Mishaps and Gasoline

Well, our farm-sitter fell through. Uncheck that from our to-do list! We spent today at the farm and made some plans for fundraising Bitcoin to keep it in operation. We are thinking about seeking donations of minders since he farm pays rent in BTC.

I also submitted our order for gas cards from coinfueled.com. It took me FOREVER to figure out what cards to get, but the method I found the easiest was to get on Google Maps and search for gas stations offered by coinfueled.com at each stop. I found on the way up (southern route through DC), there are Exxonmobils at every stop and on the way home from NH through Kansas City (northern route ), there are BPs at every stop with Exxons at about half. I ordered 0 in Exxon cards and 0 in BP cards.

Coinfueled.com asks for two weeks to make good on an order. We missed this by one day and they were very tolerant.  I tried to use their online submission form, but received an error.  I copied and pasted it and sent it to Dante via email. He replied that he would manually create us a BitPay.com invoice

Monday, 06/02, 4:01

Uncoinventional Living Tour: June 2nd 14 Days Until Departure, Logistics of Lodging

Today is the day I should have sent Coinfueled.com my order for the cards, but I am so bogged down with the logistics of this trip!

We reserved our hotel for the Bitcoin in the Beltway Conference today.  A friend will be paying for the room in USD and we will be reimbursing them with Bitcoin.  We could have ordered an Orbitz.com gift card with Bitcoin then bought the room with the gift card through Orbitz, but it would cost over more per night.  We opted to use a more intimate middleman who could get the group rate for us.

We have not finalized the payment, but the room is on reserve.  That means our housing is reserved but not yet paid for at Porcfest and

Sunday, 06/01, 3:55

Uncoinventional Living Tour: June 1st 15 Days Until Departure, Camping at Porcfest

Today I heard from the Alt Expo crew that I can camp in their row of campsites during Porcfest at a much lower cost than renting our own RV spot.  We are going to pay them in BTC.

This means the Arman family and our family will be camping with Alt Expo then manning our Agora Valley vendor spot on campsite 29 during the day!  What a great set up!

I also found Lyn Ulbrict a hotel room to share during the event.  Its all coming together!

Saturday, 05/31, 3:53

Uncoinventional Living Tour: May 31st 16 Days Until Departure, Final Order with Amazon.com

BitPay:Gyft Partnership

I spent several hours finalizing our Amazon.com order for the trip. iPad repair kit, DVD travel case, and lots of yummy snacks. I then applied anAmazon.com gift card purchased with Bitcoin through Gyft.com to my Amazon account. I could not figure out how to set my Subscribe and Pay order to accept the gift card as payment instead of my husbands debit card.

Several hours of chatting with customer service later, I found a forum post with updates as recent as last week with people discussing this issue. Apparently you can’t actually assign the gift card to yourSubscribe and Save, but if you have a card applied to your account the default is for Subscribe and Save to use the card.

I was glad to see this, although some people were upset because they wanted their card billed on Subscribe and Save so they could use their gift cards on other items. My order is set to charge on Monday and I will find out first hand if the gift card is used or if they charge our debit card!

Friday, 05/30, 3:50

Uncoinventional Living Tour: May 30th 1 PM  17 Days Until Departure, Amazon.com with Gyft.com

I spent an hour today putting together our Subscribe and Save list on Amazon.com. These are items we need on the road and at the campground. Diapers, wipes, snacks for the kids and the parents, and maybe a new car seat for our toddler.

I have to finalize the order by tomorrow to receive by June 10th.  This will give me enough time to pack and stage it all before go-time!

Tonight, I will finalize the trip shopping list and purchase amazon.com gift cards with Bitcoin on Gyft.com. After linking them with my amazon account I should be all set up for another seamless Amazon delivery! (I say seamless because their customer service is so great that mishaps feel more like blessings! )

Friday, 05/30, 3:48

Uncoinventional Living Tour May 30th,  17 Days Until Departure, Camping with BTC

I Just got off the phone with Jessica Arman. She agreed to pay the full amount to the campground with her card and accept our half of the campsite fees in Bitcoin.

Its incredible how many logistical hoops you have to jump through to travel with BTC today.  I bet this time next year things will be much more easy!  We shall see!

Friday, 05/30, 3:45

Uncoinventional Living Tour: May 30th 17, Days Until Departure, Rogers Campground

Rogers Campground (location of Porcfest in a Lancaster, NH) contacted me declining my offer to help set them up with Bitcoin through BitPay.com. I emailed the Arman Family, who we are sharing a vendor and camp site with, and asked if they could pay the full amount to Rogers with FRNs so we pay the Armans our half in BTC. Jessica Arman will be vending her amazing tooth whitener called My Magic Mud.  She will also be speaking in theWomen in Bitcoin Panel.

Friday, 05/30, 3:30

UnCoinventional Living Tour: May 30th 17 Days Until Departure, No BTC at Rogers Camp Ground

Today I heard back from Rogers Campground, the location of Porcfest, that they will not be accepting payment in Bitcoin for vendor or camper spots.

I’m surprised by this since so many of the thousand plus attendees use Bitcoin.  How can we change this for next year?

Thursday, 05/29, 3:17

Uncoinventional Living: May 29th 18 Days Until Departure, Farm

Today I heard back from our friend Brooke that she can house sit the farm and help take care of the chickens and garden while we are on our Uncoinventional living Tour! Yaye!

Our community garden is a project of www.TheCenterforNaturalLiving.com and is operated with BTC!  You can see pictures via: www.BlushFamilyFarm.com.

Thursday, 05/29, 3:16

Uncoinventional Living Tour: May 29th 18 Days Until Departure, Lyn Ulbrict

Today I have been helping Lyn Ulbrict (Mother of Ross Ulbrict, alleged founder of the Silk Road) find housing at Porcfest. She prefers a hotel. I have one hotel offer, a campsite offer coupled with an offer to use the facilities at an off site hotel to get ready for speeches. I also gave her the link to submit a speech idea. They first put her on Tuesday, then moved her to Saturday. I am including her in the Women in Bitcoin Panel.

Thursday, 05/29, 3:13

Uncoinventional Living Tour: May 29th 18 Days Until Departure, Coinfueled.com Update

Ruben, Editor In Cheif of Bitcoin Magazine, put me in touch with Dante ofCoinfueled.com. Dante suggested using the “Gas Guru” Android application to find the best gasoline deals on our route.  Dante will be fulfilling our order of gasoline gift cards in exchange for bitcoin after we decide how much we need from each gas company.   He offered to waive the shipping fee in support of our trip. We gladly accepted! I will post an update on how this service works and the Android app after we complete the purchase!

Wednesday, 05/28, 3:06

Uncoinvential Living Tour: May 28th 19 Days Until Departure, The Route

Today we finished mapping out our driving route. We will drive from San Marcos to Dallas where we will host a Bitcoin Meetup and screening of Sovereign Living. Then to DC for the Bitcoin in the Beltway Conference where we are screening our show and working a vendor booth. Next stop is Porcfest where we will screen the full six episodes of Sovereign Living (Word Premier of 5 and 6) and give several speeches. Last is Kansas City where we are planning a Bitcoin Meetup and Screening of Sovereign Living.  We will be camping and staying in highway towns along the way.

The stars of the Sovereign Living reality show will soon hit the road for four weeks to tour the country and spend Bitcoin only. They will find creative ways to travel, eat and sleep without the use of the dollar bill as they cruise over 4,400 miles in their family minivan.

The Blush Family (John Bush, Catherine Bleish and their children) are known for their strong advocacy of alternative currencies, natural health, sustainability, peaceful parenting, and unschooling.

The Center for Natural Living, a Texas based 501C3 Nonprofit, is producing a reality based educational program about their efforts to get off all centralized grids. The family will be hosting five screenings of the show, Sovereign Living, on their Uncoinventional Living Tour across the country.

Last summer the family conducted a no FRN challenge at the Porcupine Freedom Festival where they spent only Bitcoin, silver and barter. This year they are extending the challenge to the entire trip and adding several stops along the way.

Their journey will take them from Central Texas to Dallas where they will host a Bitcoin meetup and screening of Sovereign Living. Next they will trek west to Washington D.C. for the Bitcoin in the Beltway Conference where you can find them working a booth, hosting a screening and giving a few panel talks.

The following week will be spent in Lancaster, NH for the Porcupine Freedom Festival where they will work a vendor site, host the world premier screening of the two most recent episodes of Sovereign Living, and give several speeches. Finally their journey will end in Kansas City, Missouri where they will host a Bitcoin Meetup and screening.

They will be writing occasional comprehensive articles and daily live blogs about the journey on Bitcoin Magazine.

Some of the resources they plan to utilize on the journey include:

1. Gyft.com for food and hotel cards (used regularly by the family)
2. CoinMap.org for lists of locations that accept Bitcoin
3. Coinfueled.com for gas cards (not yet tested by the family)

Please suggest additional resources in the comments!

You can contribute to the project in the following ways (all donations will go toward travel and marketing the journey):

  • LTC: Ld35jZQhkJrpRPKtnfRw1r37KuazzgAiQS
  • Doge: DLpxS6j6DA38kZzkGAUNtR6tCtCHckaW7k
  • PayPal: donttreadoncat@gmail.com

Here is the tentative travel schedule:

  • Monday June 16 Dallas, Texas – Sovereign Living Screening
  • Tuesday June 17 drive to Memphis, Texas
  • Wednesday June 18 drive to Knoxville, TX
  • Thursday June 19 drive to Washington DC
  • Friday June 20 Washington DC – BItcoin in the Beltway
  • Saturday June 21 Washington DC – Bitcoin in the Beltway
  • Sunday June 22 drive to Boston
  • Monday June 23 drive to Lancaster, NH
  • Tuesday June 24 Lancaster, NH – Porcfest
  • Wednesday June 25 Lancaster, NH – Porcfest
  • Thursday June 26 Lancaster, NH – Porcfest
  • Friday June 27 Lancaster, NH – Porcfest
  • Saturday June 28 Lancaster, NH – Porcfest
  • Sunday June 29 Nashua, Nh – Sovereign Living Screening
  • Monday June 30 drive to Erie, PA
  • Tuesday July 1 Erie, PA
  • Wednesday July 2 drive to Indianapolis
  • Thursday July 3 drive to Kansas City
  • Friday July 4 Kansas City
  • Saturday July 5 Kansas City – Screening
  • Sunday July 6 Kansas City
  • Monday July 7 Kansas City
  • Tuesday July 8 drive to Texarkana, AR
  • Wednesday July 9 drive to San Marcos Texas

Thank you for being a part of this journey!

Tip BTC: 1CdDxhbfBatE9XcurCBLKoypJwcHtrBVXu


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